REALTY CLEANING SERVICES specializes in move in/out home and office cleaning.
Detailed move in/out cleaning service includes everything in a routine  cleaning and then more. Perfect for making your new home or office clean, sanitized and sparkling. 
Move in/out cleaning will bring your home or office up to a high shining perfection, and stop dirt in it's tracks.
This is serious, heavy duty, detailed top to bottom shining clean. Service can be done on your house, office, apt or condo. 

Move In/out House Cleaning Services Checklist
 Move In/out: Living Areas & Bedrooms- Carpets vacuumed and edged-  Window sills cleaned (excludes glass)- Base boards dusted and wiped down- Vacuum, mop and dry hard floor surfaces- Stairs vacuumed- Flat areas damp cloth dusted- Mop and dry wood floors- Hand wash and dry marble- Tidy room appearanceRemove cobwebs- General dusting

 Move In/out: Bathroom- Tile walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected- Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected- Window sills cleaned (excludes glass)- Base boards dusted and wiped down- Mirrors cleaned and shined- Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected- Floors washed and disinfected- Carpeting vacuumed- Clean and disinfect toilet- Shine and clean chrome fixtures- Wipe down inside/outside of cabinets and drawers- Cobwebs removed- General dusting

Move In/out: Kitchen

- Base boards dusted and wiped down- Clean small countertop appliances- Clean refrigerator exteriorOutside of range hood cleaned- Top and front of range cleaned- Drip pans cleaned- Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined- Countertops cleaned and disinfected- Clean inside/outside of cabinets and drawers- Clean exterior of large appliances- Wipe down outside of microwave Floors vacuumed and mopped Cobwebs removed- Thorough dusting throughout

We specialize in Cleaning vacant properties